Surviving the Psych Ward: A patient's guide to the nuthouse.

Surviving the Psych Ward

If you or someone you love is having mental health issues and if it looks like a trip to the mental hospital is looming, this book can help you allay your fears. I hope so anyway, I reallly do.

Surviving the Psych Ward was written entirely within the walls of a mental hospital. (It was either write or strangle myself with a sheet so I wrote.) It talks about what to expect and how to cope with your surroundings.

When you buy Surviving the Psych Ward you'll learn a bit about what the food is like, what the doctors and nurses are like, how to deal with the other patients, and tons of stuff too numerous to list.

Above all, however, remember that a trip to the hospital doesn't mean the end of the world. Treat it like a vacation because in a way it is; you get to totally decompress and focus on yourself for a change. You are far away from the pressures of everyday life and you should use that to your advantage.

This book is only 99 cents so it's not like it is going to break you and really for less than a buck it can provide a lot of comfort. Buy it today and sleep better tonight.

Surviving the Psych Ward: A Patient's Guide to the Nuthouse

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